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If you'll read the comments, you'll see a few more people with complaints.


What would be cool is if this actually WERE a drum magazine.. can you imagine how many rounds you could fit in a drum that size? I'd think at least 700-1000 :D (I think that's about the size of an AR drum, right?)


I had nothing but problems with the drum magazine I had. Didn't even get a single use out of it. YMMV


Hi-cap 10/22 mags have always been a gamble for me. I've got two old Ram-Line 30's that work fairly reliably and several complete pieces of junk.
I wish someone could figure out how to make a 30 round 10/22 mag with the reliability of the factory 10 round rotary mag.


I think Calico is the only company that has ever produced a good hi-cap magazine and it is similar to Rugers design, too bad the rest of the rifle isn't as good as a 10-22


@rustybender: Just go with Ruger's BX-25. That thing is solid as a rock, unlike the third party mags....


@theblackgecko: Thanks, I didn't know those existed. I've had my 10/22 for close to 25 years. I gave up on the perfect high cap search years ago but I may have to pick a couple of those up.


@rustybender: Also Rusty they sell this piece of metal where you can snap in up to three standard 10/22 magazines. The circle kind that always work so that gets you to 30 rounds.FYI Good luck


BX-25. No issues so far. All others are junk.


Why would anyone need a 50 round drum? So you can guarantee that you'll hit the target? Learn to shoot and hit the target with a 9 bullet clip. Or use a bow. Should be illegal.


@msz1971: You obviously don't understand the concept of a plinking gun.

The 10/22 is an absolute blast to run a ton of ammo through. I could easily run through a 500 round box of ammo during a day at the range. Reloading a 50 round magazine 10 times sounds a lot more appealing than reloading a 10 round magazine 50 times.

It is not a question of "can I hit the target?" It is "how many times can I hit the target, and how fast?"


@msz1971: Not to support your asinine comment, but when my PD went from revolvers to pistols, (in 1990) one of the old timer's' favorite sayings was: "If you can't hit 'em with the first six, just throw the gun at 'em."

And then of course there was the OTHER axiom: "Why did you shoot him 18 times?" "That's all the bullets I had!"

Seriously though- "Should be illegal?" WHY? To keep them out of the hands of CRIMINALS!? THEY don't care about breaking the law anyway. You'll just make the law-abiding gun owners outgunned.


@msz1971: If you are going to come in here and insult people at least learn the difference between a clip and a magazine.


So to clarify: You're saying given the choice, you would intentionally choose to carry 9 rounds as opposed to 50? Can you explain your logic? Because from where I sit, it really just sounds like some arbitrary complaint for the sake of complaining.

And just because I'm such a nice guy I'll educate you a little bit.. 10/22s don't have "9 bullet clips" they have "10 ROUND MAGAZINES" :D
[ed] @bkarlan: Beat me to it :)


@drchops: sorry for my ignorance on the product...but either way...why would anyone need 50 rounds? Please provide me with a reason! I think 10 rounds is too much....but I can understand that for target practice or even self defense... but 50? If you cant dfend yourself with shouldnt be carrying a gun...cause your aim sucks.


@tcayer: but the criminals now can easily order this online too.


@msz1971: Just to get this out of the way let me clarify: this isn't marketed for "self defense." It's 22lr - it's for fun.

Anyways.. So basically what you're saying is, "If you're attacked and miss when defending yourself for any reason you deserve to die."
I'm sure you're well aware under high-stress situations your body does all sorts of things, like being flooded with adrenaline. Obviously these things impact your motor skills and the like.

I'm all for trying to understand your point of view, but the thing is you haven't explained any kind of logic.. your answer is basically "Because." I really try to understand the anti-gun crowd, but rarely is there a clearly defined logic behind any of the anti-gun notions.

And just out of curiosity, what is a 'reasonable' number of rounds?


@msz1971: Somebody already explained it to you, for sport. Guns are used for more than hunting and self defense. A lot of us like to go shoot and let off some steam.

Besides, when was the last time a 10/22 with a drum mag was used in a crime?