dealspancake air compressor - 3 gallon, 100 psi for…


Please check this out carefully ...

The specs say it is 1/3 HP, uses 2.6 Amp ... which is great for use off an extension cord or low current circuits. But it also means this is a low duty compressor. It is rate 0.6 cuft/m @90 psi. Inflating a full size auto tire might take 3 minutes. A tractor tire might take 5-10 minutes. It will work fine for filling tires, but may take a bit longer than a more powerful compressor.

This does not have the capacity to operate most tools in sustained operation. It would work for air brushing or small air tools.

If you intend to spray paint, or use a nailer, grinder or air chisel, you need 3-5 cuft/min. Look for another compressor. I've seen 1.5-3 hp compressors selling for $95-$145, a better match for many applications.


Like a bread maker or panini press this is just another useless kitchen appliance you'll use once and then sell at a garage sale.


I owned this model for a while... couple notes: It is noticeably low power and capacity... it takes a recharge or two to top up your tires if more than one is low... on the other hand, it's about as small and light and cheap as it gets unless you're looking at the really painful tankless compressors.

This price is not the best either. Lowest HF coupon price on this item is $40, which can often be found in magazines or just lurking their email coupons, etc...


The low SCFM on this model makes it bad for doing anything besides filling tires. Harbor freight does sell a low power brad nailer that would work, but that's about all. There's been a couple models around ~$120 that would do the job (generally 2HP and 3 Gal). I'd say get one of those if you're trying to save money.


@tpscan: Thanks a million for your comments. I've been looking for a compressor to spray guitar bodies, and this one just doesn't seem like it would fit the bill. You rock!