dealszombie family car decals for $9.99


We may be needing these soon. Doesn't it all start with mad cow disease?

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As if my neighbors don't hate me enough.
That is Awesome!


Exactly how sticky are these? I am not a fan of the (standard) family car decal trend, and while it may be a bit mean, it would also be hilarious to add a zombie or two into the lineup of mommy, daddy, and their 2.3 kids.


@cosmikavengerrr: Ooh! Great idea! Use the regular old family stickers you see everywhere and include just a couple of these! I wonder how long it would take someone to notice since the family stickers have become so ubiquitous.


@hottubrf: If your neighbors already hate you, then you have no reason not to get this! I think I'll get this in hopes that I piss off all those people with the stupid stick figure family decals.