dealsthe goonies (dvd) for $4.99


"you been bad momma"

The octopus is the scariest part.


I tried doing the truffle-shuffle, but my friends still didn't let me in.


@garebear459: an octopus? i dont remember an octopus in the whole movie.


Be aware that this DVD version is non-anamorphic (1.66:1), which I learned a little too late a couple weeks ago. So avoid this if you don't want to have to use the scaling feature on your widescreen TV to get rid of the black bars. The anamorphic and widescreen-friendly version is here: although it's presently out of stock (from Amazon itself, at least).


@superspec: One of the kids, talking to a reporter at the end of the film, states that the octopus was the scariest part—which seems like a puzzling statement to the viewer, but is actually a reference to a deleted scene that you can see in the special features of the DVD.


Octopus?? Somebody is getting Popye and Goonies mixed up.


There IS an octopus in some of the versions (one of my college friends had a copy that was in those big, plastic and puffy VHS cases). That had two scenes in it that were not in most versions - the octopus scene, and a scene when the crew first gets started on their adventure and Troy bullies them (I recall it was in a gas station convenient mart).

I wonder if these two scenes are deleted scenes available on the DVD?




"Sorry, Dad, we had our hands on the future, but we gave it up just to save our own lives"


@atmosphere: thanks, ill get my dvd out and see if it has this. i typically dont bother with the bonus stuff.


haha! the old octopus debate. back in high school me and my best friend had a knock down drag out fight over the existence of the octopus. I swore there wasn't one (and there wasn't in any of the versions i had seen) and my buddy swore there was one in the original, but it had been cut and so you never saw it in TV versions. We finally rented the movie and i found out i was wrong. now that i think about it.... that was the only time in my entire life i have ever been wrong about anything....


Okay everyone. I guess I'll have to explain to the non die-hard Goonies fans. :-) There is a scene with an octopus that was cut. Sometimes they still show it when the movie is shown on a station with commercials. The funny thing is whichever version you see (with or without the octopus), there is still a scene near the end where you hear Data say, "the octopus was the scariest part".


(add obligatory comment about numerous Kerri Green panty up-skirt shots)