dealsmotorola xoom 10.1” 32gb tablet for $249.99 + $5…


What the heck, woot? I just buy this two weeks ago and you drop it $50? Way to serve your customers.


yea, bad form woot, bad form.


Thanks for the $50 rip off, Woot.


Thanks for the $50 discount Woot!


ಠ_ಠ Yeah I bought this during the wootoff... pretty pissed that it just dropped $50 so soon. I come here for the deals, I dont like to feel hustled. Thanks WOOT.


@Guys, I feel fairly confident in saying that it wasn't intentional. Maybe they managed to find this batch at a heavy discount. Should they have charged more just to make you feel better?

Tablets are plummeting in price due to oversaturation of the market. You're going to have to deal with a bit buyer's remorse one way or another.


There's some other sites that are selling for around $260-270, so I'm guessing they're trying to clear out the rest of their inventory from their last sale by undercutting the others.

But I've barely even unboxed the one I just got, so count me in the "disgruntled" crowd. 6 months (12/11 sale) = $20 price drop, 2 weeks = $50 price drop? If this means in another three days I'll be able to get this for $10, I'll be in favor of this.


Even at the $300 price, I haven't seen it that low elsewhere. I was having my sister think about getting one at $320, as that was the cheapest I could fine. The $250 price-point just seems crazily cheep. It sucks that you guys paid $50 more for it, but you're complaining that it's cheaper--that it's an even better deal on a site dedicated to deals. Would it have made you feel better if it went up $50? >_>

Purchases are always a gamble--especially when it comes to discounted items. You never really know if you could get a better or worse deal shortly down the line, but that's just part of the gamble.


I am done with woot....for 50 dollars they are going to lose a lot of customers...Thanks for stealing again from us woot...I have bought 2 items and got this "price screwing" within 2 weeks both times!!!


Don't get the rip-off complaints here at all. Presumably those of you that bought this tablet on the last offer got your tablets and were well pleased with them...until now. And the complaint seems to be that someone is getting a better deal. Well, that's kind of the way it works with previous-generation electronics, isn't it? They close 'em out, and if they have some left, they drop the price and keep closing 'em out until they're gone.

The price drop doesn't mean that you got ripped off or hosed. It just means that on this batch, the price dropped. Next batch might be a little cheaper, or might be a little higher. What matters is that you got what you paid for. And I gotta say that the Xoom with ICS (Android 4) is a pretty dang sweet tablet. Enjoy it. (And know that while you're complaining over 50 bucks, a good many of us paid hundreds more for this same device.)


@scottyb1025: Stop whining. I bet you were happy with the price you paid until tonight. You got a fair deal then but they offer a better deal now. That's life.


I've been holding back on the tablets, but this seems like a good deal, and it's not a ipad or made by samsung (I have problems with both companies). It seems you can put ICS on this and it will be a handy device to have around while you're out and about. I bought a refurbed netbook from woot for about the same price around 2 years ago, and the screen is going out. I hope that doesn't happen to this device. The first thing I'll download is DOOM. hahaha


Ordered an HP touchpad for 200 two days ago. I would definitely cancel that order from woot and order this but I would have to order this before I heard back from them on the cancellation. Does anyone know how they handle these things?


Yeh so what exactly is the time limit people expect a product to remain the same price for before they start crying about it not being fair?? i bet if u wait a year itll be around 200 are u going to complain then too?


At least 30 days. I dont think that's an unreasonable expectation.


I'm glad i didnt pull the trigger last time! This $50 price drop offsets the $21 in tax i gotta pay. Nice job woot! I finally own a tablet


FWIW, I doubt the price will go much lower, maybe $20 at most. The Xoom has no difficulty selling at this price point. I actually paid $330 a month and half ago. Sure I am disappointed I could have gotten a better deal, but that is how it is when a product line is discontinued. The ones who really should be torqued are the ones that bought them last year for $799.


Is this tablet upgradeable to ICS 4.0? I believe if Woot is selling this table as a non-US version, it's not upgradeable. Thanks for any insight.


I bought the xoom last go around, and I love it. I feel like it was a good buy at $300. It's a great buy at $250.

I would say this... Woot has every right to drop the price just weeks later, but it is pretty bad form, if you ask me. Let's consider why people shop at woot. They're looking for a deal. When they see a 16% price decrease on the product they purchased two weeks ago, they're more inclined to feel cheated or ripped off.

It will certainly make me more hesitant before pulling the trigger next time.


@uknow08: The one that arrived a few days ago upgraded itself as soon as it connected to wifi. It took 3-4 stages, if I remember correctly, doing version upgrades progressively instead of jumping to the latest. Whole process took about 20-30 minutes.


@tsurugi: This will help my decision making. For $250, I rather get this for my son then the Kindle Fire. Thanks!


@uknow08: Oh, yeah, hands down this beats the Kindle Fire. I was looking at 7" screens before I pulled the trigger here, but now that I have this in hand I couldn't imagine using anything smaller.

It also doesn't block sideloading, so you can easily install Amazon's market. I had a years worth of their free apps of the day already "purchased" for my smartphone. As soon as I linked my account they were all freely available on the Xoom as well.

I really love the tablet, and am happy I purchased it. $300 was really a stretch for me, though, which is why the price drop really stings. At $250 this is a no-brainer.


So I buy this, can I just go to my cell phone provider(T-Mobile) and get internet service for it


did anyone have a prob with the functioning of the last lot?


Oh no! A deal site dropped the price on something they had before. It's like they found a cheaper source or had the ability to offer an even better discount! It's like the end of the world!

If this non-issue is going to make some of you leave, don't let the close button hit you on the woot on the way out. You won't be missed.


The crying over price is funny. In a few weeks, the price will probably be $229 and then move lower. Cry then too? I bought mine from Woot in September at $349, which was a great price then. Technology is like that: prices drop.


Well I see I'm not the only 1 pissed off. 50 bucks cheaper really woot, you should refund every one the $50. Still like mine just $50 less now.


@ss11s: yes mine just started jumping from page 2 page and would not shut down. Let the battery rundown and it's been fine ever since. fingers crossed.


@jawwaad: Based on the specs, the device does not include a cell phone network connection. (3g/4g...) In order to use this with a T-Mo/ATT/Vzn/Sprint connection, you will need to get a hot-spot or tether capable phone (tether over wifi or bluetooth) and appropriate service.

On the plus side for t-mo, they just announced a pre-paid no-contract tethering service. So if you need it mostly at home, and at work, and no need for networking between the two, but occasionally need to travel, that gives you an on-demand option.


Are these the ones from the European market? Those are suppose to be trouble


I've seen deals posted AFTER I bought, and all I did was refer them to friends & co-workers with my "don't pay what I did" caution.
But to be mad when I believe I got a deal to begin with?
No. That just seems immature.


People need to relax...This is just business. If you werent willing to spend the $50.00 back then, then dont complain about it now. You know what Im going to do though with the fifty dollars Im about to a new case for my $250 dollar tablet :0). YOUR WELCOME!


Oh, I am so happy that...

1. My available funds were too low to purchase this at the last offering, and
2. That I decided to check the Woot sites just now (getting home) rather than going right to bed and checking tomorrow morning. (I'm doubting I would have been able to get one then.)

Sah-weet!!! :-)

Even if my card funding was set last time, I was debating it and on the fence at that price point, even in spite of the great reviews given in that I let it pass.

Glad I read them then, though, because when I saw this price, I didn't even have to think about it. Big yellow button didn't even know what hit it.

If it goes down another $50, I won't cry about it. I be a happy wooter! Prices often change rapidly, esp. on electronics. The business model of this site is to find and offer close-out deals. They get something cheaper, we pay less. If their supplier charged them more last time, why should they be expected to take the loss by refunding the difference?


To the people saying they don't get the complaints, exactly two weeks ago this product was offered for $50 more. You really don't get why that might sting a bit for those of us who bought them?
That being said in all honesty this tablet is pretty nice. The tablet build feels sturdy. The volume buttons are the only major design flaw. It upgrades to ICS very easily. It also works with Hulu Plus(a rarity for Android tablets). Its a bit thicker and heavier than the Asus I just got my wife. The Asus was only about $100 more than this offer and it has a Tegra 3 Quad core processor. The Xoom is over a year old and as we are about to see a batch of newer Android tablets (rumored as low as $200) take this deal as it is. Unless you absolutely need a new tablet today, you might be able to get a newer, thinner more powerful tablet in the next couple months for a very similar price (or $50 more, what's $50 bucks amirite?). And if you wait another two weeks these might be back on Woot at $200.


@mechabiotic: If that happens, I'll get one of the newer, better, thinner ones (if they're really going to be that price), and then my dad will have a nice gift of this one after I've gotten to play with it rather than doing without for another few months. :-)

Personally, I understand the "sting"....what I don't understand is that it's not accepted as part of life, just like anything else. It's not like it was done maliciously or anything. It just is.

Thank you for your review. No buyer's remorse here! Not when I continue to see such positive reviews for the product quality and performance. I hope my laptop doesn't get jealous that I won't be spending as much time with it, LOL.


Woot should try and get the best price for its customers at all times. If that means a $50 price drop in less than two weeks then so be it.


craaaaaap! And I bought the Archos G9 on a Woot deal only a month and change ago xD

Totally woulda gone for this instead if I knew


so prices should never come down?


Any thoughts on how this tablet compares to, say, the Acer Iconia a500? :)

Just bought that one when it was on secondipity last week


Want to get their panties in a real twist?

This deal was in the woot crawl above the group of 4 deals . . . and expired yesterday.

Same critter @$239.99 bwahhhhh bwahhhh


everyone knows that electronic devices appreciate in value the longer you own them.


How'a the value of this compared to a Kindle Fire? What would it do better?


I got one of those xoom deals from daily steals! Can't wait to get it!


@twinxor: HIgher resolution screen (1280x800) and screen size(10.1")....twice the memory of the $250 model of Kindle(32gb)....stereo you don't have to root to get out of the Amazon walled garden.


@stil29: ... except with Daily Steals, you have to wait, and wait... and wait. Great prices, but the wait!

wbu wbu

@miniskunk: Not to mention the one item that was the big deal-breaker for me. NO memory slot - on any of the Amazon devices. What you buy is what you get, and are stuck with. IMHO, that's really short-sighted.

wbu wbu

@tsurugi: Perhaps you should have waited 30 days. Wouldn't that have also solved your issue?


@gheeble: "Want to get their panties in a real twist?

This deal was in the woot crawl above the group of 4 deals . . . and expired yesterday. "

Oh boy my undies are so uncomfortable right now,make it stop!


What a bunch of complaining ninnies. Grow up... You missed out on a great deal because YOU CHOSE to buy it when it was at a higher price. No one FORCED you by gun-point to impulse buy it. Be adults about it, and learn to spend your money with a little more intelligence. Rest assured, this tablet will AGAIN drop in price in a few weeks. When it does... will you swear off technology forever? Throw away your cell phones and laptops in disgust and protest? WAH WAH WAH WAH... ME ME ME ME... The American way...