dealskindle daily deal for august 3, 2013: undaunted…


Sadly..the author is a plagiarizer .

"A Forbes investigation of his work found cases of plagiarism involving passages in at least six books, with a similar pattern going all the way back to his doctoral dissertation. The History News Network lists seven of Ambrose's works--The Wild Blue, Undaunted Courage, Nothing Like It In the World, Nixon: Ruin and Recovery, Citizen Soldiers, The Supreme Commander, and Crazy Horse and Custer--contained content copied from twelve authors"



@sputnikhq This was one of Amazon's "Daily Deals" - so at midnight the sale ended.


@danieleg: This was one of the few times when a mod didn't change the title: they left the "Kindle Daily Deal for [date]" part in. These are good from midnight to midnight, Pacific time (sort of like the Woot of old, except that was Central time).


I know, I was just letting people know the deal was off so they dont waste time. I also told mods it expired at same time. I do this all the time.