dealsone night redbox video game rental for $0.00…


I received my code back in under 10 seconds.

It states in the text that this is good for 1 night of a game rental. I haven't tried the code at the kiosk yet to see if it will also work for a movie. I will post again once I try it.

The message states that the code does in fact expire on 8/5/12 at 11:59pm Pacific Standard Time.

There are also instructions in the text to immediately unsubscribe or for help. Therefore, you don't need to worry about future spam after you send this text and receive your code.


Worked perfectly for me. I don't use red box enough so can't remember. Due date is 9pm the following day. What time is the day change for them? 9pm or midnight or something else?


@dravack: Day change is at midnight. I tend to get a game I want (haven't been many) as close to midnight as possible i.e. 12:01-12:15 as people near me seemed to have gotten wise to it. Rent at 12:01 and it's due back the following night i.e.almost 45 hours after rental, so it gives you time to rack up achievements if you're into that.


@pilotwillie: Thanks. Was just going to rent something random for the weekend. Free entertainment is hard to beat ^^


Texted "MAD" in the message body to phone number "727272" got my free redbox code instantly. Then a 2nd text with the option to reply with "Y" to join Redbox gamer's text message list for freebies and news. Both texts had "STOP" instructions. I simply replied typed in "STOP" and hit send. A third text from them saying bye. Now you know what to expect. Also, don't type the quotation marks in your texts or phone numbers, they are just used to show what to type.


Not sure why you are concerned with stopping future texts from redbox. i have been on their list (for movies) for a year and the only texts i ever get are the once per month free movie code (sometimes twice per month) and an occasional (very rarely) code for $.50 off a rental. free movies and no spam? well, stop them if you want to...


Got my code in seconds. These freebie codes are always great posts. I have used them before, and even though they say game, I have always been able to use them for a movie. IMO, never unsubscribe from redbox texts. They send me free one day rental codes it seems like every couple of months, plus my wife gets them, too, so double the free fun! I am actually thinking of canceling my DVD portion of my netflix due to redbox. A bunch of freebies, and lately I have better luck getting the newer movies from redbox easier than I do netflix. I haven't received a disc from netflix in over a week as all of my movies in my cue are listed as "long wait". I have ended up renting about 4 or 5 of my new releases movies from a redbox kiosk because I could find them there sooner than i could receive them from netflix, even though they both got the movies available on the same day. I just keep getting stuck with the "long wait" BS!


@buysumtime: forgot about the extra codes for the wife...great bonus/tip. she just forwards me the text and i pick hers up when i get mine. i also get it on my work cell; so i actually get at least three at a time..


I never got a text back with a code :-(