dealsyear end sale - video games for xbox 360, ps3…


@jaxxchic: It worked but only 13 games come on woot! you can do better


Terrible selection. Not really a sale if only 13 games, most of which are garbage, are the ones on "sale". More like clearance bin.


Madden 11? lol

yeah nothing worth getting here. At least for PS3.

Don't even think about Dirt 3 either. Game is horrible.


Wow, a whole 1 game for the Wii (uDraw: Marvel Super Hero Squad: Comic Combat, $7.99). I can hardly contain my excitement over this incredible selection!


Not really worth checking out..


@lparsons42: If you have a uDraw then it's a good game. Well, actually the only game. But still, it's fun for what it is.


Curious as to why Best Buy would even pay to have this crap advertised. This is the stuff at the very bottom of the bargain bin that nobody bothered to buy, along with the dust bunnies.