deals30 rock: season 3 (anamorphic widescreen) for $13…


Though I don't fully understand the appeal of the show, this is a good deal.


@dmaz: I predicted it would be canceled after seeing the first episode. Shows how much I suck at prediction.


@gideonfrost: Or that America has capitulated to incessant, boorish drabble as an acceptable form of entertainment...


Why all the 30 Rock hate? Sure, it took a few episodes to find its comic stride (I'd say about six), but it has since become among the funniest shows on TV. Fast, funny writing and pitch-perfect acting; Alec Baldwin is terrific. Of course it isn't perfect -- weak celeb cameos and occasional predictable humor as the seasons go on -- but it has consistently has more moments of greatness than most shows, comedy or not.


@dupedyetagain: I'm normally a very agreeable person, but I must attest. The first and only episode of this show that I saw was a random episode from season two, that a friend insisted I watch, as it was "the best episode ever". About 10 minutes in, I wanted to gag myself with two lit candles.


@dmaz: You see, I hate it when people do that. Context can easily be lacking and you're experiencing characters without seeing how they've changed since introduction. So generally I won't suggest people watch random episodes unless it's something really standalone.

It took me a few episodes to really get into it, but once I was in, I was in.


Why in the world don't they make this on BD? The DVD quality of the first three seasons is abysmal. Barely watchable. Considering it was the #1 show for a decent amount of time, I couldn't believe it. I only buy BD now, and sadly I refuse to buy season 4, because of that. NBC Universal has failed again.