dealsmicrosoft surface 2 rt 10.6" 64gb tablet…


I really really hope no one buys MS RT anything!!! I hope they realize that it was confusing and obnoxious to every human on earth to release a different OS but still call it "Windows"....


There is a reason RT exists, GPS. A lot of people who want a tablet, expect to get GPS with it. GPS doesn't get integrated with x86 based chip-sets like it does with ARM based ones.


So... I only pay $32 for something that's $329.95? I almost bought a Windows product there. Phew!


Shouldn't this read "re-surfaced"?


Wow really? I point out a mistake in the posting and get downvoted. I'll let the false advertising continue next time.


@steveb944: No, you go downvoted for pointing out the error like a snarky tw@t.



Who knew?
But still they should have called it "MS Mobile" or any combination of words Except "Windows"....


Do people actually buy windows tablets? For the love of God why?!?


@choppercharles: IDK, maybe they want a tablet that runs a complete version of office, maybe they want a tablet they can play xbox live games on, perhaps they don't want to be a zombie and buy an ipad to be like the other zombies, maybe they want a tablet that runs desktop programs (this one doesn't). Personally I think people are buying windows tablets just to irritate people like you.


@ashandari: No he got downvoted because downvoting comments makes other tw@ts feel important; or just mad because they couldn't come up with a funnier comment! I buy windows products and I thought his comment was pretty funny. Surface RT products are market losers.


I bought a (real) Windows 8.1 tablet to run certain apps than I-puds and Android don't offer:
decent audio recording and editing. While I prefer using a larger device, I can plug a small USB powered mixer into the unit, plug in a mic and be good to go.