dealstoshiba transmemory usb flash drive 64gb for $14…


10% off Discount code: M78G0TWBJPTS


For anyone looking into these guys in the future (, I did receive my memory drive, but only after emailing them three times asking for it. This deal was just before Christmas and I emailed them on Dec 30 and they said "Sorry for the delay between the holidays and everything everything got back tracked." They siad it would mail out that day. I didn't hear anything more, so I emailed again Jan 2 and they responded with a tracking number.

So, it worked out, but you may have to work for your deal.


please be advise. I bought one of these and it turns out they are fake. they will load up to about 8gb of data and then the data starts getting corrupted. It turns out the device starts overwriting itself when it gets full. P.O.S. Do not buy from these guys. just wanted to share.


Thanks for the heads up. Mine is the same. If they won't refund I'll Paypal dispute my money back