dealsfirefly: the complete series blu-ray for $26.99…


It was just $20 in store at BestBuy last week. May still be now. I would check it out before buying at Amazon!


@jonnylaw37: It is currently $62.99 at BestBuy, but thanks for the tip anyway!


Its also available from dvd planet for $21.38 plus $1.99 shipping... So $23.37 total


I would also recommend checking your local Best Buy. I picked up the series on blu-ray a week or so ago in town for $19.xx at my local BB. I normally wouldn't ever recommend checking out Best Buy. They are known to have drastic price inaccuracies on their website, so it may not hurt to check the store first.


Fantastic series, I paid somewhere around $30 for it on Blu-ray a while back. If you haven't seen this series, definitely do so soon! I still keep hoping one day we'll see more of it :(((


Is the bluray remastered at all, or is it just DVD quality on a br disk? Anyone know?