dealsbasic essentials 3pc fry pan set for $13.49


Thats a great price for cast iron, isnt it? My wife wants some cast iron pans. Maybe this would be good. Can anyone tell me how much a difference there is from one brand to another?



This deal is cheaper, no coupon code, and free shipping, so it's a little better than the last one.

Relevant comment: pan sizes are 6.5", 8", and 10.5"


this is a GREAT deal! thank you for sharing!


@bobobublz: That's why I said this deal was a little more weeks ago the last time it was posted. I added the link so you can review the comments from the last, slightly more expensive deal. I see how my wording could be confusing, sorry.

@jgarcia408: Yes, this is a very good deal for cast iron. The biggest problem with the set is the lacking of the woot! exclamation point on the skillet. Other then that its a great deal!


I picked these up a few weeks ago when they were last up. Just be forewarned that they are not, in fact, pre-seasoned (or at least mine weren't). I fried an egg in the 6" as a sort of test and it stuck very badly.


I had a similar experience as fropones. They will have to be seasoned. I would also like to add that these pans are pretty small and are good for maybe just cooking something up for an individual. Lastly, the price may reflect the quality, these are made in China and who knows what kind of impurities may be melded into the iron, these could potentially leech into your food along with the iron. Although, I haven't lost any teeth yet or suffered mercury poisoning so maybe these are ok.