dealsdigital photo magazine for $4.99 + free shipping


This is a partial dup. See below. Yes, it's only 1 of 50+ mag subscriptions....and it IS more expensive. Shakes head..

It's almost funny...this mag is 1 of 50+ that was listed yesterday for $4.80. 1st listing

Dup listed about 7 hours after 1st listing. Dup

And now we have a Sponsored Deal listed today. Super-Dup that trumps everything


@gmwhit: Well that's interesting! I'm supposed to post discountmags on Saturday and Sunday. In the past when I checked, the alternate (additional back-up) deals were not dupes. I was off last weekend and yesterday, so I didn't post any until today.


@faughtey: In the true sense of a dup, this is not one. It costs more than the other 3 that were listed. Oh, well. Thanks for responding - do so appreciate that!