dealspistol the pirate parrot for $8.99


Free Shipping? When I tried it added $4.99 for shipping making this not such a good deal.


@markboutin: Thanks for the heads up. I could have sworn that I saw free shipping listed when I posted this earlier, but either they changed it or I goofed. I did breatk a mirror yesterday so it's no surprise that I got something wrong. (sigh) I tattled myself to the mods and asked that they change this.

If the parrot is still available Friday in their Past Deals tab, the site has Free Shipping Fridays most weeks. I'm not entirely sure that this would apply to purchases from that tab, but it might be worth waiting to see. In fact, if I remember I think I'll check that out. It would be good to know for future reference.

Again, thanks for the heads up!


I placed two orders from this site over two weeks ago. Never received it. Tracking number only says "electronic shipping info received." Emailed them twice, no replies. Beware!


@tcayer: I've ordered from them several times. Shipping is inconsistent. Some items seem to take several weeks, while a few showed up on my doorstep within a couple of days. I guess I wouldn't order something from them that I knew I would need in a hurry, just in case.