dealshershey's ceramic fondue maker for $12.00


It's adorable, and who doesn't like fondue ? Only thing that stops me is that itty bitty tea light.
That isn't going to make fondue. That might keep it warm. Even then I have doubts as to how well it will work.
Anyone else have experience w/ tea light fondue sets ?


@ceagee: Yes, I actually have 2 different sets, one that uses sterno and one that uses a tea light. I don't use the sterno one much since I bought the tea light set because the sterno set is so big.

The tea light set works fine. I've used it a couple times now with chocolate and it definitely keeps it melted to the point you have to watch it because the chocolate will burn. Last time I used it was at Christmas Eve for a party, and I might have melted the chocolate first before putting it in the container, but once in there the tea light worked fine. But I had to blow it out occassionally and then light it again later to keep the chocolate from burning.


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