dealsfree: 1 dozen dunkin' donuts to 20 people at…


That's approximately 199,680 donuts. Goodness, for some reason that blows my mind.


Thanks for posting this, it looks like my local store is participating so I'll try and stop in to get a dozen. Not exactly the thing all those folks who just started dieting resolutions want I would imagine, so hopefully I get my free dozen!


All around CT? So lame. I was even going to slum it and go in there rather than the usual local shop with better prices and product.


I'm not a fan of DD and sadly they have driven a lot of the good local shops out of business.


Did anyone do this to get free donuts?


@90mcg112: I have a friend that didn't know about the promotion and was very surprised to receive a dozen free donuts... does that count?