dealsmalwarebytes anti-malware and 8gb flash drive for…


Wish I hadn't bought it last month for the same price but sans the flash drive.


I thought the offer last month was for lifetime? Is there a difference in their licensing between that offer and this one?


@volasm: Malwarebytes has no renewal, it is a one time key purchase.


@volasm: No. They only have a Free version and a Pro version. The Pro version is for lifetime.

Even though I have a license, I'm in for another.


I Malwarebytes is awesome. I have paid versions on @ rigs, and need one more. Waiting patiently for Android version.


I have considered getting this, but I am not sure why I want to pay for it when it seems to work great with just the free version. I sort of want to buy it just because I want to support the company, but i'm not sure that's a good enough reason for my wallet to allow it.

Is the purpose for buying this just for the real time protection? (Obviously I am ignoring the flash drive for the purpose of this question.)


I'm in it just for the flash drive :)

I think it's a good cleaner and so-so for real time protection. I prefer NOD32 myself (MBAM targets a rather small, yet important, subset compared to a full and heuristic anti-virus). AV = alarm, MBAM = cleaner


@wnyx585am: Yeah, the main benefit is the real time protection. But for $10, I think the flash drive plus the opportunity to support the company is worth it.

(I know you said to ignore the flash drive, but the main benefit is the real time protection)


@wnyx585am: Real time protection is totally worth it. We used to install Malwarebytes on all the machines at my job so when they had problems we could run it and remove them. Now, we install the pro, and the real time protection has saved a lot of time and effort cleaning up people's machines.


So this is just the regular 'ol free version of malwarebytes, right?


@rhinoceros1: No. this is the pro version, but only able to be installed once on one computer. The other listing on NewEgg (without flash drive) is $21.99 and is able to be reinstalled with the same lifetime license and updates.


@lucrezia31: Thanks for that tip! Since my house is saturated with PCs, laptops, and netbooks, I need a version for multiple installations. Is this a good price for that?


On their page they are calling this "Type: Antivirus" Is it antivirus, or anti malware?


Anyone know how much RAM the "real time protection" eats up? Is it a resource hog, or pretty slim?


@dcpotts: I haven't noticed it being a hog of any sort. I have it installed on my home PC and forget it is there. I am at work otherwise I would give you the exact MBs.