dealsrhino trunk & case small armor trunk for $191.99…


When I first seen this I was really hoping it was a "Trunk of Crap"


Anyone here actually have one of these trunks? It's difficult to judge the quality by the description or in the picture.

Some trunks look well made but would collapse if you sat on it.


So who else immediately thought of Minecraft when they saw the picture?


@cebooher3: I have one that looks exactly like this one, although I'm not sure if it's the same brand or not.

It has lasted me for years. I got it for Christmas when I was young, and I've had it for over 15 years.

If it's the same trunk, you can sit on it without collapsing. I wouldn't want to do much more than sit on it, and I wouldn't want to put a lot of weight on it. But I have sat on mine from time to time.