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Yeah, not only is it $12.99 now, but I cannot see a way to get free shipping without paying $49.95 to join TD's Inner Circle. $1.99 (cheapest) isn't bad, but it isn't free and the price is listed wrong here.

Still I ordered two. ;-)


Hi folks, thanks for the updates, even if they are bad news.

I just re-checked the EMail link to today's sales from Tiger Direct.

They have indeed changed the price from $9.99 to $12.99. And they have removed the "free shipping" banner that was there earlier this morning.

I'm sorry that they've taken this slimy course of action, but it's obviously out of my hands.


TigerDirect IS slimy! In January I was in the process of checking out to buy an Infrared Heater from them at a very low price, with free shipping. When I proceeded to the payment screen, the price had gone up $20 and the free shipping was removed!!! This was in the MIDDLE of checking out!!! When I started my purchase, the original deal was displayed, but they changed it in the middle!!! I backed out of the purchase and complained to them by email; their reply? - basically "tough $h!t". Tiger Direct STINKS in my opinion! I will NEVER, EVER do business with them!


That's slimy---both cases.
Never ordered anything from them and don't think I'll ever even bother checking out their website if that's the kind of $h![ they pull


I considered purchasing, but won't now thanks to the comments! Cheers for customer reviews! :)