dealsredbox - movie march 8 with code thanks2u for $0…


Saw this on their Facebook page so even though nothing on their website seem legit


Gotta love when they do free movies on a weekday. They're basically betting that most people will forget to return it the following day since most people have work. But still, a free movie is always nice.


You can always do DVDONME or BREAKROOM or DVDATWAG (at Walgreens Redboxes).


@dmccarth: It will discount the price of a DVD rental.


@dmccarth: sort of. According to the deal, it will discount the price of the game by the price of a movie rental. In other words, if it's a movie it's free, if it's a game it's $1.00 off.


@dergage: True, however if you have already used those codes (as I have), they won't let you use the same code again.


Here lately when I've been renting movies, they've been $1.20, not $1. So does that mean my free rental is actually going to be a $0.20 rental? Still works for me.

BTW, in case anyone else gets those emails that say "If you rent 2 movies, use this code & save 50 cents on your rental?" - you don't have to rent 2 movies to get the 50 cents off. I've done it twice in a week, & each time I only rented 1 DVD & still got the 50 cent discount.