dealsyellow adult jumping ball for $14.25


Hi @WO228. I posted this too ( but not sure if you posted before me or not. I tattled to have my deal removed (since I didn't get any votes). I found out about from you and like their deals. Every time I try to post an item, the link only goes to the main page with a sign in box. How do you get it to point to the item?


@mtrlgrl: Hi there, I am glad you like it as much as I do!

You can use the Twitter/Facebook buttons next to the product to get a link from there. That would point to the specific product you want to link to. It would still have a pop-up if the person hasn't signed up, but if you are signed in already, it would just by-pass that and go straight to the product itself.

By the way, has been nominated to be the Best Shopping Website at the Crunchies by TechCrunch! Now those who were complaining here know they really are missing something...


@lll0228: Thanks. Yes, they are missing out really. The items on that site add another designer-like dimension to deals.woot, and the marked-down products are often very affordable. I like the uniqueness of the products. I must admit, when I first saw the sign-up box, I was skeptical. But it is free to join, so no risk involved.


@mtrlgrl: And with that said, I have all of my holiday shopping delivered from them today. It's DONE! Well, the puppy dog gets a gift from AHALife, and the girlfriend got more from Ideeli as well (I think I might be spoiling her a bit too much...). Black Friday my behind...who cares about Black Friday?