deals50 lb. high-powered pistol crossbow for $13.99…




Weapons are ok; no firearms. Airguns, airsoft, bows, swords, crossbows, all are ok. In fact, I have posted almost all of the above except for the airsoft.


@rlapid2112: You have to admit, it's funny though.

I'd much rather get shot with 9mm than ran-through with a broadtipped arrow :D (coming from a compound bow).

The only difference between a gun and an arrow is gunpowder and a massive exit wound.


Know your local laws before using (or in some cases, even purchasing) this. Counties and states have a lot of specific laws on crossbows and sometimes specifically for hand crossbows as to the requirements to practice with them on private property, transport, and even bans on ordering them.


i got one of em, you can find them at flea markets and gun shows all the time for $10. I think i've even seen this listed in here for that much.
its fun and it works, my only FYI on it is it only comes with one string and it will bust on you. get extra if you can


2 words - Mechanical Advantage
You can get all sorts of cockers. (ha)

But if you're gonna go least pay the extra $20 bucks to get a self-cocking crossbow.

@indoorplant: Yeah, you're right. That's about the max you should pay for one of these.

Also, these are harder to cock than you'd think. Especially the really cheap ones like this that don't come with a foot hold. You either have to try to pull it straight back in your hand or step on the bow itself to draw it.


@drchops: There is a huge difference in kinetic energy:
From Mythbuster's website (forum)

"More penetration? Show me an arrow that can penetrate 2 feet of seasoned elm boards at a few yards, or one that can punch through a half inch steel plate at that distance.

More energy? a 650 grain arrow at a velocity of 300 f/s has a kinetic energy of 129.9 ft/lb.. About the same as a number of .22 rimfire bullets, a third of the energy of most 9mm or .45 bullets. And there are not many bows that can fire an arrow with that energy."


@rlapid2112: Fair, but I don't care about the exact quantity of kinetic energy. I really just care if it is sufficient to push the forgien object through my body. Given that I am then concerned with the extent to which said forgien object will destroy tissue. Broad tipped arrow is far worse than pinprick of a bullet, assuming its not a straight away kill shot in which case the point is moot, but again, higher odds of missing the mark with the bullet's small area of impact over the wider chunk of metal on the stick. Then I suppose we have to consider hollow pointedness. Are there hollow point arrows that yield similar effect. Inquiring minds MUST know.


No, there are not hollow point arrows. There are, however, razor-tipped, barbed, hunting arrowheads. Trust me, upon seeing one of those, you'd reconsider wanting to be shot with a 9mm instead. see, for example:


BudK regularly has these for $9.99.


I bought one of these from woot a while ago. The arrows are too blunt and won't even penetrate cardboard. I bought the sharper aluminum arrow, and they're even worse. The weight is all on the front and they won't even fire! This thing isn't worth the cheap price.


@vallancj - Are you pushing the cocking mechanism forward before you shoot? I bought my now-ex-brother-in-law one for Christmas last year ($9.99 from BudK), and we played with it in the front yard. We thought the same thing, then realized our mistake. After we corrected that, it would sink an arrow about 1/2-in into a pecan tree.


Friend of mine just stopped me from buying it. Said he and his brother got one and they both broke after all the darts broke.


Cheap and from a crappy site. Google dillyeo and read thier reviews before you order anything from them.


Too bad crossbows are illegal here in MA without an FID can't even get pepper spray. It's stupid.


@rlapid2112: What is wrong with firearms? What is the difference? Pointless demonization.


@rlapid2112: Kinetic energy doesn't mean much when you bleed out from a broad head arrow wound in 8 seconds compared to likely surviving a rimfire .22


@rlapid2112: Yeah, but look at the wound cavity. I'm not exactly sure of the avg width of a broad tipped bolt, but I know it's a beast of a hole-maker.

Also, I just read that a comment above "2 words.." lol, that definitely came across a little more "d-baggy" than I meant it to

Anyways, that was more of an idle comment - the truth is, I don't like being shot. The secret's out.

[ed]Didn't mean to start anything either, if I accidentally turned this into a Micro90 situation.


these are a waste of money my roommate got a couple of these and they broke only after a couple shots....they do how ever shoot cigarettes really well


@drchops: NP. I don't want to get shot either. To those above, I was quoting a mythbusters post regarding kinetic energy. I am pretty sure none of you would want to get shot by a compound bow with a hunting or broad head (130-160 ft/lbs) nor from a .40 S&W, whose kinetic force is (for my loads) is 500 ft/lbs.

@sonovavondruke: No, arrows from a bow or crossbow don't break the sound barrier. Best I have seen advertised for a crossbow is 400 fps (roughly 280 mph). Most pistol loads don't break the sound barrier either unless its +P+ and/or from a longer barrel. Your results may vary.


I bought one of these. Its fun for the price. BudK has them for $9.99 but the shipping is more with out the deal the normally run on here.

I'm not sure what happened with other people, but the bolts that came with mine are pretty damn sharp. They would break skin if I were to drop one from shoulder height on to a bare foot.

It also shoots pretty hard too. I put a couple holes in my walls on accident. It comes with a Styrofoam package about 2" thick and it would go through it and stick about and inch on the other side. I've gotten it to stick into a wooden fence by my house if I hit it head on.

A lot of past deals of this if you search too.


@drchops: THANKS! Though, I've seen it & like it, it's too much for a crossbow upper for an AR15 lower. It costs more than my lightweight, Adams Arms upper.

This same one is in the movie Red; John Malkovich's charcater is seen with it.

I was looking into these for a crossbow, just too much:

If I ever get a crossbow, I will go with this: