dealssolaris: the definitive edition audiobook…


It was $2.95 for me - still a deal though. Maybe the $1.99 price is for Audible subscribers?


I just priced checked. Shows 1.99 for me, and I am an audible subscriber. Hmmmm....I dont think that the reason for the price difference. Thing is, I already owned the kindle version of this book, and the book is whispersync-for-voice enabled. So I see the price audible offers to those who already own the kindle version.I am going to have to log into audible on another account or something to price check.

Thanks for catching the error.


I just logged into my audible membership and it lists it as $19.95. If I sign up for their book a month membership deal, it becomes $7.49. Is the $1.99 or $2.95 price only for new members?


@wendywc: It's expired. From above: "Plus tax. Price good till midnight."

I'll tattle on it as expired. You should too. I'm surprised, though, usually @f00l has been pretty efficient at expiring these. Maybe he's sleeping in. ;-}


Crazy week, was slow to expire deals and post new ones. All my machines and plans turned un-cooperative.


Only, as Eowyn might say, "I am no man." :)