dealsgeorge carlin: all my stuff: 14 disc career…


One of the funniest dudes, ever! His 'stuff' routine is still my favorites. I wish I could spend the $ on this. But I'll vote it up in support.


I love George Carlin. The hippy dippy weatherman, baseball vs football routines are some of my favorite. But like @rangerdoc, can't buy it but I voted it up.


I'm pretty sure this doesn't include his very last HBO special ("It's Bad for Ya"), but otherwise it's a great collection.


i wish i had the moola for this, i miss Carlin. my wife didn't even no about him until the movie cars came out.


Carlin rules. Master at telling it like it is. My favorite of all time.


I got this set for about the same price when Amazon offered this deal before Christmas. It seems like a very nice set but honestly I haven't had time to watch most of it yet.

One thing to point out (this is probably obvious if you read what's in it, but I just clicked "Buy" before I did that), is that it's all DVD videos of his shows -- which is great, but when I saw "all my stuff" for some reason I assumed this was also his old comedy albums on CD, like from the 1970s (which originally were on LP of course). I'd love to have all his old comedy albums from the early days (like Toledo Window Box, etc.)


I wish I could get his old comdey albums as well. He was an amazingly funny dude. I'm still sad that he's gone. I'd love to order this set, but it's a little steep for me right now. Anyone who orders should have no regrets.