deals2-pack fujifilm waterproof one-time-use cameras…


"F-I-L-M?" What is this thing called "film?"

Will it work with my Mac?


@belyndag: they're $9 each every day on amazon shipping prime. or $28 for a 4 pack. don't see whats so great about 2 for $16.
dealgenius claims they're $32 usually for 2, but thats bull.


@luke975: Thanks. That's the kind of information that helps when you say that the deal sucks.

As you can see from my original post, I provided a link to the item on Amazon, and noted that they are $9 each there (still higher than 2/$16). Many of us don't have Prime so the free shipping on dealgenius makes this deal even better.

Just a thought, $1/camera cheaper (before adding in the shipping charges for those of us who don't have Prime) isn't a great deal, but it's still a deal.


@belyndag: you're right. I should have elaborated. dealgeniuses deceptive price mark-ups were annoying too.


@luke975: I guess they post the equivalent of the MSRP on cars. Most sites do. They're still one of my favorite sites. I haven't bought anything from them lately because I've been TRYING to cut back on spending, but they offer some great deals. I always try to price compare to Amazon, but they are not always the cheapest site, either.

I've really got to get rid of some of the junk around here. Maybe I should start my own site. LOL!