dealssamsung 840 series ssd 2.5" 250gb w/coupon code…


Great drive.

The Samsung 830 uses the MCX controller, with NAND 27nm Toggle mode 1.1 MLC.

The 840 Uses the MDX controller, with NAND 21nm Toggle Mode 2.0 TLC.

Neither is that important, but the 840 TLC memory is cheaper to product, and is slower in benchmarks. The TLC memory is supposed to last longer than the MLC memory, but also consider that the TLC has much higher IOPS than MLC memory.

I have been running one of these in my laptop for a few months now with zero complaints. It is a night and day difference in performance compared to a disk drive. This is a great deal on a great drive. Don't let the tech junkies talk you out of the deal.

It might be important to note as well that the majority of uses which purchase this drive for their laptops, or for their aging desktops do NOT have SATA 3, which means you are stuck using SATA 2, or older. This drive will easily saturate the SATA 2 controller, so no matter what you read in the benchmarks, a faster drive will not benefit you.


I have one of these drives in my PC and my wife's MBP. Great drive, super quick. Win 8 boot after OS select is about 5> seconds from "Loading" screen to running. My wifes MBP is about 6 from power on to running.

My only complaint has nothing to do with the performance of the drive; Its just too small for me. My Steam folder alone is 150 gigs, so I end up running my most used programs on the SSD and everything else on a standard disk drive.


Yeah size is my problem as well. I have 5 drives. The main drive is a 500 and that usually runs about half full. So a 250 is cutting it kind of close. Newegg had a 512 Samsung on sale the other day for $279.

But the thing that worries me is the lifespan estimates. A 16 hour workday is not unusual for me. And since the machines back up overnite they are never shut down. Since they say the average lifespan is about 10k hours... that's less than 2 years.


@mrphysical: Actually the MLC will last longer than the TLC (you can look at how long the manufacturer warranty lasts)


@mrphysical: I have several 830 Series Drives. a 512GB in my Macbook and a par of 512s in RAID ZERO booting my windows 8 box...these drives are stupid fast.


@garyoa1 The lifetime is based on workload not the PC being powered on. I don't know where you got 10k hours. I see MTBF at 1.5 million hours and if it was 10k hours and yours went out in 2 years it has a 3 year warranty so you could just get it replaced.

As far as the space is concerned you could setup 2 drive in a RAID 0.


That's a shame..but at that price it's not a surprise...that was one fantastic deal.