dealsstc 4 ft. x 4 ft. modular vegetable growing…


More details:

•Heavy-gauge resin construction for strength
•Crisscross steel wires provide durability and sturdiness
•Crystal-clear poly sheeting helps protect and nurture your vegetables
•Durable material resists warping and rusting
•80 cu. ft. storage capacity helps you grow lots of vegetables
•Easy to assemble and can be placed almost anywhere
•Insect netting on the roof and sides provides light shading and good ventilation and helps protect your plants against snails, insects and other nuisances
•Poly sheeting rolls up for great venting in the summertime
•Raised bed provides great soil, temperature and light conditions for high yield
•Comfortable working height makes it easy to plant and tend to vegetables


Alright, I'll just ask... Weed?


@buchan44: Well, that's one way to pay for it.


I've been smoking my veggies LOL


4x4 for $340,very expensive real estate ! I figure a tomato would cost about $21 each.


@buchan44: Unless you live in a state where cultivating cannibis is legal then no. The sides are made out of screen mesh and during the flowering stage of cultivation the plants are very pungent and most individuals use a forced ventilation system with a carbon scrubber to reduce the smell, this has neither. Also this is incredibly overpriced, you can build your own for so much cheaper, this is just an overpriced mini greenhouse that doesn't come with lighting, proper ventilation, etc.