dealsman cave pop off bottle opener (new) for $6.99


I used to have something like this, but it was made out of plastic.

In for one with a free shipping code!

(Love the alternate pictures! Shinerbock, FTW!!!)


I like how the bottle is a twist off.


These are great! Fun for guests and easier to track down than a boring bottle opener. ;)

But this price seems steep. is cheaper, and no I do not work for them. Just a regular customer and fan.


does it damage the bottle cap?


@simmp5: I've had many twist-offs that were untwistable.

Besides, when you're playing bartender, its just quicker and easier. Wish I still had a free shipping code left.


@zollars23: I too had that problem... and the worst part is that I have never been so thirsty in my life when that would happen


@deezil: Interesting I went to the Mancave site and this is what I got:

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Oh, oh! Does this come with a gift certificate for a manicure too??? I wouldn't want guys who can't twist a bottle cap or pop a traditional cap off with pause for dramatic effect A BOTTLE OPENER to hurt their precious hands or experience unsightly skin blemishes and broken nails!


@zack2: Looks like one of those weird sites that you can't send permalinks from. Suck.

Try this one:


I have a different version of the same thing. Takes a few beers (never a bad thing) to figure out the exact right push, twist, pull method, but it is pretty snazzy. I've found a few bottles with a particularly short or thick neck don't work well, but I'd say it's successful around 95% of the time. And it is pretty entertaining to see how surprised people are at how quickly and easily you can dispatch a bottle top with it.


If your "man cave" doesn't have a bottle opener, or tools that can be used inappropriately to open said bottle top (the preferred method), you're bound by honor to turn in your membership card to be revoked.

I had a friend show up with a bottle of wine once to my "man cave" and not being able to find a corkscrew, we used a drywall screw, a drill, some vice grips and the edge of the table. Who brings wine?!


so umm like those metal key chain ones dont work on new modern beers or something? this is truly dumb. especially if you have something dangling between your legs.....


@koreanwonder: You use the thing dangling between your legs to open beers? Sounds painful.


Is this meant only for twist off caps, or can I use it with old fashioned caps like those found in mexican coke bottles, those meant to be opened with regular bottle openers?


@rawlio: It's likely so small he has no other use for it.


I thought the whole point of a man cave is to never have the appropriate tools handy and to figure out how to use what you have. This is way too fancy for me. I'de rather use a dremil or a wall.


Uhm, where's the free shipping code?


@davidmjohnson83: @cerria: Sorry for the confusion. I received four free shipping codes from @Jumbowoot back in July for having a Top Comment/Top Answer. They are good to use on any site. Moofi included.

Per Email: "On July 1, early in the morning, we ran a report that told us all of the userID's that had a #1 Top Answer/Top Comment AT THAT TIME.

Guess what! You were one of them! WOOHOO!

So here's what we're going to do!

We are going to place 4 free shipping coupons in your Woot account that will be valid until December 15, 2011!"


I have the plastic version and love it. They work for twist off and pop off caps. No damage to the caps at all. Very quick and easy, I bought all my friends and family the plastic ones and they loved them. Now I'm thinking I should upgrade to stainless...

vote-for2vote-against guys ain't gettin' it. This is a tool. It has moving parts and $hit. Only thing that would make this better is if it had a motor on it. Gas powered. 2 cycle.
Haven't met anyone yet who didn't like this...