dealsrooster with metal feathers 20" for $50.00 + freeā€¦


Honestly, I have a 'casual' (<---what does that mean?) friend who loves roosters. Used to have a live one. Would buy this for her if it wasn't so expensive. Obviously 'casual' does not mean close or good to me. :-/

Am going to forego all the usual jokes. Would love to elaborate, but am being good. For the moment. ;-)


I've seen similar metal roosters and hens at Ross and TJ Max for much less. ($20 or less) This is not much of a deal.


This would look great in my "French Country" style kitchen. Not sure what that means, other than it has a rooster motive throughout and the builder charged me extra for it. I just can't bring myself to make this purchase though. Besides, he's not quite flaming enough to fit in with the rosters in my kitchen!!


Motief, of course. I'm a little hungov........ummmm......under the weather. :-)


Does this have something to do with @TheBloggess?