dealsstar trek #1 fan - t shirt for $9.99


Use coupon code "IWILLSHAREHOBONINJA" to get 40% off. My order came to $8.98 after $2.99 shipping.


The troll is strong with this one.


I wore this to Star Trek Into Darkness and got a few sneers (and laughs) in line upon people reading it


pretty good but I personally like the alternate version a little better. The MF on this one definitely stands out...the "#1 Star Wars" with the Enterprise image is a bit more subtle.

Both are great though.


@jjgg1314: thanks jigg, I got the discount too. I have the reverse shirt (number 1 Star Wars fan with the enterprise) and wore it to Into Darkness. The girl in the ticket booth was smiling, and I said " can you guess which movie I'm seeing?" She said, "I'm just trying to figure out what's going on with your shirt." I then said, "it's meant to confuse and bewilder."