dealshp pavilion h8 intel i5 quad core desktop pc with…


Don't know about "god" but there will be a bunch of "upgrade power supply" "upgrade video card" and "i can build better for cheaper" type comments.


HP Product web site:

Has 4 RAM card sockets on the motherboard as you can see in the graphics image in the detailed specs at the web link below:

Release date 9-Jan-2012


Why is there 10gb of ram in there? The average user won't use 8gb. Plus, if you had just 2x4gb sticks, you could run them in dual channel (assuming this motherboard supports it). Dual channel doesn't improve the performance by that much, but it would be better then essentially buying a 2gb stick for no reason... Plus, two more sticks of 4gb of ram can be had for $35-40. So if you did want to upgrade, you would just have to throw out the 2gb stick.

The graphics card is also kind of a joke. It's barely better than the integrated graphics card. They should have left it out and saved money or spent a little more and put something substantial in there...

It's still a good deal though. It would be about $625 if you built it yourself:


@bmason3604: IMO ram is soo cheap now that in bulk it pry only cost like 20 bucks more to go from 4 to 10 (hp cost im guessing 20 if that) what more productive could they put that towards? Better graphics card to make a worthwhile improvement would be way more as would psu upgrade and the small price decrease u would see from lower ram would pry be less the what u would save buying more ram your self. or not really make a diff to end purchaser. Which is why most comps come with this amt now. just read an article in cpu mag that said avg ram in systems was 2 gb like two years ago now its avg like 8 so this is pretty standard because of the above. .


Runs and hides from the grammar police now..



I'm not saying to go to 4gb of ram, I said 2x4gb which means two sticks of four gigabytes, eight total.

Even if going from 8gb to 10gb cost only $5 I don't think it's worth it. If these PCs had two sticks of 4gb, you can run those in dual channel which gives your ram faster performance. By going with a third stick of 2gb, you can no longer run your ram in dual channel.

Press ctrl + shift + esc and check how much ram you're using in the performance tab. Even when playing the most intensive games, that will rarely go over 4gb. Only during tasks like video rendering will you make full use of the 8gb. I am just saying I think faster performing ram that will be useful constantly would be a bigger benefit than having an extra 2gb of ram that will only be used rarely if ever for the average user.

Also, I would spend any money saved putting some ventilation in these HP cases. Just a little ventilation in the front and top letting air in and out would help and cost not much..


Of course I had to jump on the H8 1214 from earlier this week... This deal (the one this post is under) is a much better deal than what I got:

Buyer's remorse I guess...

Anyone got something to cheer me up?


I have to say that anyone saying that a dedicated Nvidia graphics card w/1GB is barely better than integrated graphics casts doubt upon their intelligence (imo).

As for the memory, it already has 2x 4GB so adding 2 more 4GB sticks wouldn't cost much and then you are set RAM wise for awhile at least.

HP always puts in a small power supply but you could easily replace the 300 watts with something that suits your needs and upgrade the graphics card if desired. Heck, you could even upgrade the processor down the road if you wanted. The 2TB hard drive is good for storage, just add an SSD for a W7 Pro or Ultimate x64 OS and you are ready for just about anything.


I was on the fence until I saw that sleek looking mouse. In for 3!


Would this computer be able to handle extensive Adobe Photoshop, Illustrator and video editing software usage?


Yes. This computer has a pretty powerful processor, plenty of RAM and enough storage space that you probably wont even need an external harddrive for quite a while.

Depending on the resolution and size of your monitor, or if you use 2, you may want to upgrade the video card. But you could get a nice card for 50 bucks no problem.



Thanks for the information! Now I need to find out if this is a decent deal or not. Sells new for $799, so I need to figure out if the $200 difference is worth buy a refurb. Decisions..


This is a decent computer but the price is too high for a refurbished one. It's $200.00 less than a new unit but you lose a one year warranty and tech support. If you do a lot of video work or gaming or other work that places a high load on the CPU, this type of computer will run too hot. The cases don't have enough ventilation. Either the computer will shut down or the parts life will be shorten. Heat is the greatest enemy of electric components.


Can I play Angry Birds on this?


@cybertron7: Yeah, your processor is better. Probably worth the extra money.

I've been procrastinating on building my computer, but when I do it will be no less than a six core. Quad core is nice. Hex is better.


@dfunkmaster: Thank-you so much, I feel a bit better now.

(Now to save up for a new PSU and a new GPU)

Also, I have a question about CPUs. When a GHz value is given, does it mean that that value applies to each core of a multi-core CPU? Or does it mean the whole CPU adds up to that GHz value?

Again, thanks.



In each cycle of the CPU all cores are available. Mufti core CPU are capable of parallel processing but not all cores are used. Whether or not a core is used is control by the software. Most software will not use more than 2 to 4 cores. Popular software must run on lower requirements not cutting edge CPUs only. All CPU cores are not equal. A hex core CPU is not 150% faster than a quad core CPU.


@dfunkmaster: A 2320 will outdo faildozer in all but heavily-threaded tasks.



So you could, in theory, run a couple of multi-threaded programs at the same time with a hex-core, with a couple cores to spare?


@shinespark: Oops, I didn't realize it was an i5. I thought it was an AMD Quad core. However, I would still take the 6100 over the 2320, especially for a desktop computer. Intel is generally better, but AMD is catching up.