dealsnowadvisor® wireless ip pan/tilt/ night vision…


Cheapest I've seen for this type of camera.

No mention of the security protocals supported (WPA/WPA2?). I would think so, but there are some cameras that only support WEP. I'm not willing to take a chance.

States a pan of 355 deg. Seems a bit high. All other cameras of this type I've seen are 270.

I sent the seller these questions and will update when(if) I get a responce.

These cameras come out of China, and are distributed by several places. Some of them develop their own firmware. Most, I think, use the generic firmware and getting firmware updates for these cameras can be a challenge.
Foscam is a US distributer of these types of cameras from China and I believe they have there own firmware.


Most of these types of cameras from China all have a few drawbacks...
- Complaints that the audio/mic does not work or is crackly. 1 Of the 3 Foscam cameras was bad for me. I think it's a hit or miss thing.
- Complaints of random lockups. Again, this happened on 2 of the 3 Foscam cameras about once a day. My opinion is that it's a buffer full condition. Setting the cameras to reset daily should fix this. The Foscam cameras had a setting to return the camera to the preset #1 position on reset - not sure about this camera.