dealscoffee mugs for just $1, create your own for $1.00


shipping for 1 mug for me was $5.49.


Still a good deal at that price if you want a custom mug. I put my show car on mine.


I give this a downvote because the poster didn't put shipping costs in the title, who wants a dollar store for $6.50? Not me.


$6.50 for a ceramic mug? No thanks.


Maybe I can get some lead paint mixed in there too...


Cannot for the life of me upload a photo to put on the mug. Very frustrating.


i uploaded a sippy cup graphic to remind me of how easy life used to be


perhaps you ignorant buffoons missed the part where it said CREATE YOUR OWN coffee mug. you expect them to take and print your design to their mug and ship it to you for only $1? i'm a dealhunter too but for christ's sake this site breeds ignorance sometimes. $6.50 including shipping IS a deal for a custom-printed mug. upvoted to counteract moron logic.


@pinchecat: No you're ignorant. We understand this costs the company money and it is still a fair price. We are upset with the fact that the posted didn't say anything about the shipping cost when it dramatically changes the cost of what we are buying. When you take your time to make everything perfect, go to checkout, enter the code, and see that it isn't the advertised price it is frustrating and a waste of time.


@amich45: the deal clearly says "S&H NOT INCLUDED". now who's ignorant?


First, it SAYS S&H not included. Is $7 very different from $1? Yes, but 6 bucks for shipping is low. Period. Instead of calling others ignorant, how about we start beating on Woot! to make these deals include shipping in the description, if not the headline?

I loves my Woot!, but I am tired of clicking through to find what I know will be ridiculous shipping (though not in this case) on the great "deals." These guys use/pay Woot! to reach a well-defined and reliable group of customers. It's time we got treated with a little more respect.


I easily uploaded a picture and created a mug as a Christmas gift. I think it is a great price (even with the S&H) for a personalized item.


I made a mug for my brother-in-law, who is hard to shop for. Put his grandkids on it, and a vintage train background (he is into trains). Nice, inexpensive gift. I'll fill it with some of his favorite candies. I might just make some more for other family members. This is the kind of gift I would like to get.

So glad you posted this deal, thanks!


My customized mug came yesterday, it was packaged very well and it looks amazing. Not bad at all for $7.


@ganzhimself: AWESOME! I haven't ordered mine yet, but am planning on doing so and even happier to hear that they look great for only $7 :-)