dealsmicrosoft xbox live 12 month gold membership…


Free Shipping?! I wasn't going to get this but with Free Shipping, sign me up!! Oh wait - I pay nothing for PS3...


@rrkpitt15: This has to be the best reply to the console fight I've ever seen, hahaha!

BTW: Us true gamers own all consoles, a PC, and don't cry about any monthly charges for memberships. The "my console is better than yours" argument in null.


Wasn't this $35 on Friday? I'd wait for the $30-$35 deal to come back unless I was in dire need of it right now. As for the PS crap, we get it you like your free PS Live. I like my secure credit cards and better online experience. I like the titles on the 360... though I do need a new blu-ray player.


I'm annoyed by all the ads now on XBL. We pay for the service and still get subjected to advertising? At least drop the price if you're going to foist that crap on us. If it wasn't for Netflix and the VERY occasional multiplayer game I'd have dropped Gold a long time ago.


@logicape: and your information gets hacked too... don't forget to mention that


@fritz62: Don't forget that the matchmaking is in general better, and has better dlc games, and I can't really think of a game I consider "Have to have!" that's PS3 exclusive, even after all these years!


In case anyone is worried about timing: I bought three a few days back. I got the email with the codes within a few hours. Note that it is a code, not a card. But the code could be nicely printed in a greeting card for the holidays (that is what I am doing).


Anyone know when this deal ends?


repost! REPOST



seriously though, how is this not a repost -_-

it is a fantastic deal. I picked it up when it was originally posted.


oh I see. thank you so much for your answer. asses


Awhile ago Microsoft ran some goofy $1/month XboxLive promotion and I hopped on it, and now through several notices that it has "expired" I continue to be subscribed and get charged $1 every month.

Normally I would buy this, but I feel like I have to ride this $1 train to the bitter end.


I often buy at, and I like this site. Happy to find this deal which works for me. The price is also nice!


anyone know if you can buy this and just extend your current membership? my current one ends in 10-13.. i want to buy this to add on..


Yes, you can always stack these membership cards, up to a limit of 3 years stockpiled.


@marrob: Loving the "no true scotsman" fallacy.


@logicape: true and yet a gave my ps3 away for the privilege of paying microsoft for a real gaming network. loved the ps3 interface...especially for watching movies and things but for gaming it was a nightmare compared to xbox.


@sl8763: lol 'cept Netflix and Hulu and all those other services use ads like crazy so you argued yourself in your own argument!


i love how anything even remotely console related ends up in a big fan boy mess. And by "love", i mean.......

hubby and i both like both main consoles for different reasons. we even liked the wii, but ended up selling ours for minor change to a family that ended up using it much more often (they had 5 kids under 10 y/o - all we had was cats!)

between he and i, we boot up the 360 and the PS3 at least once every day if not much, much more. either has it's bonuses.

the extra bonus for the ps3 is that we got a killer deal on a Bluetooth remote during 2011 black friday and it makes netflix, dvd & blu-ray watching great.

360 is way better for game availability, especially based on what my hubby digs (super especially Skyrim downloadables.

would we die without either one? nope. do we dig that we have both because we're grateful enough to have a life that allows us to have both? ABSOLUTELY.

Also, don't be a dick. true story.


@sl8763: You can block the ads by routing your XBOX networkign settings through a pre-configured DNS that blocks the ad servers. Whenever I play on XBL, I have a good connection and the ads are replaced with pictures of avatars waving.


I have never seen an ad on Netflix.