dealsmr. tire - free flat tire repair for $0.00


FREE Tire Rotation & Inspection at Mr. Tire

FREE Flat Tire Repair Coupon at Mr. Tire

FREE TPMS Light Check at Mr. Tire

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Cool, I'll go run over that nail I've been eying on the road now.


Mr Tire? WTF...What is a Mr Tire?



If you are a Sam's Club member, tire repair is ALWAYS free no mater where you purchased the tire from. (then click the 'Full Details' section)


The guys at Mr. Tire "recommended" I have $800 worth of unnecessary work done (brakes, drums, rotors, etc.) I took my car to a trusted mechanic who said all those items were in excellent condition. I only needed new pads. I've heard their employees are severely underpaid and encouraged to upsell. Buyer beware.


Discount tire always repairs flats for free, very courteous, also.


@tlackey: Yeah, "free" sometimes is very expensive!


@tommytx48: I used to buy all of my tires at Discount Tire. Buy them all now at Costco. Whenever my wife went into Discount Tire to have a flat fixed she would come home with a new set of tires!


Just a suggestion, and take it as it is, but I learned this personally...

Go to and pick your tire. They actually have a lot of tires to pick from. Ship it to the store, have them install it. Just remember, if you are ever out of town and your tire blows, spare tires arent really meant to be driven on for a long distance (unless you have a full size spare - pickup truck, SUV, etc). While you are in the middle of nowhere and your tire blows, there is a Walmart not that fire away. Or you can go to "Joe's Fish, Chips, Car Insurace, and Tires", buy a 4 year old tire that is really to just ready to blow on you or wait till you get back home to take it to wherever you got it and have that 5th "fixed" tire sitting in your garage getting old.

I know a lot of people hate Walmart, but for someone that loves to take his family on road trips, bowing down to the dark side does actually come in handy sometimes.