dealsred dead redemption ps3/xbox360 + free $20 gameā€¦


Koi, and I just picked up my order for this at Gamestop. Oh, well, at least I got the GS deluxe edition or something like that.


This is the message I get not the $20 off.:

Upon order of your purchased qualifying video games item, you will receive an email indicating that the $5 credit for Amazon MP3 music downloads has been applied to your account automatically. The credit may be used only for Amazon MP3 downloads available at You must redeem your credit (in one or more transactions) for Amazon MP3 downloads by July 15, 2010. Customers may only become eligible for the $5 MP3 offer once during the May 7, 2010 to June 15, 2010 promotional period.


Yeah, you're right...I just looked...they literally changed it within a few hours.


@threemoons: Yeah...all the retailers had unique DLC...GS had the best I think...2x Dead Eye and the new clothes...Amazon had like...guns? lol I can't even remember, I just got the code in my email a few minutes ago


came to $59 without waiting a week or more for delivery. Newegg is sold out of the xbox ones... guess I will have to go to the store tomorrow.


It's price is $53.99 (Free S&H like always) ($56/ps3)

This particular deal is dead...but it's transformed into another deal, that's why I haven't tattled yet.

I'd RIP it normally, but that's still a good deal...

Also, if anybody finds a better deal add the URL please...
(add it to deals.woot first so other people can see it, then just link to the deals.woot URL)

I've looked at the sites that had deals...and NONE of them have 'em anymore...I'll look again when I wake up. Hopefully we can find a little bit better deal than $53 while it's still rockin' popular, heh.


This game is now $49.99 at Newegg for email subscribers.


AMAZON UPDATE: $49.99 is the NEW price, still good as of 5/22/2010 (17:46/5:56 PM - Pacific)


Also free MP3's with order.