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One of the movies in the amazon comes with the despised Oprah-Winfrey commentary and 1080i resolution. IDK why they're still trying to sell it.


Wow. I paid $17 for this on Blu-Ray 6 months ago...and it was the BBC version WITHOUT Sigourney.

Also scored Life (again, BBC without Oprah, who is miles worse than Weaver) for $12 on BD.

Just this week, I saw Planet Earth and Life combined for $45 on BD. That's not a great deal, imo, but it sure as Hell beats the piss out of this rip-off.


Amazon UK has it for £15 or about $24.60 (price went up a touch since wooted):

For about £3 or $5 more, you can get the special edition that includes the team's video diaries (the 10-minute making-of shorts that accompanied each episode when they were broadcast) and two full-length Natural World films.


There's the private sellers on amazon selling this for around 26 including shipping.
A little less for used.


For the life of me I will never understand why the discovery versions get celebtards to phone in the commentary. There is nobody that can do it better than Attenborough. He actually knows the subject matter and is very passionate about it. Unlike the Krusty the Clown type speed read versions.


@scorpi0n: And that's how I bought mine. I was willing to wait a few extra days for shipping across the pond to get it at that price.


Sorry for the beginner question, but which site is BD?




@jeremyjava: It appears that any link on this deal and its comments is to a blu-ray disc version.