dealssharp aquos 60" class 60" diag. led 1080p 120hz…


MEH. I think there'll be better deals than this. This TV first appeared on the scene more than 2 years ago.


@barrywilliams991: That's still a LOT of screen for $800.


No digital or optical out on this one. Just a headphone jack. That is abysmal if you are looking into surround sound hookup.


What about using a receiver, and letting it handle the sound?

I have my X1 box, feeding into my Onkyo, which then pushes the HDMI signal to the TV. TV volume set to zero, and sound is picked up and filtered for higher quality by the receiver to my speakers.

This is a pretty good deal if you just need something, and have $800. But with BF less than a month away, better deals are sure to come. If this were meant to replace a main living room set, I'd also say no, and just wait for the 4K prices to drop next year. It will be worth it..