dealshalo 4 - for xbox 360 for $39.99


FREE 2-day shipping makes it an ever better deal! (Excludes weekends/holidays.)


$40 for this turd of a game is still $40 too much for me.
Played about 10 minutes and felt like I was committing suicide by boredom.


@spyder69696969-I love people like you. Bash a game you didn't like, when the truth is you probably just sucked at it and got destroyed by people who are good at the game.

It's a great game. Multiplayer is faster paced than previous titles and the Spartan Ops mode expands on an already cool campaign. Great game at a good price.


Thanks for posting this. I was planning on picking up Halo 4 at some point. I was also able to use a $10 coupon I had when I purchased AC3. so I got it got $30. Score


The deal was at NewEgg yesterday for $34.99.....

Sold out now.....

No one posted it......

I saw it on another site.....


@freakishtxn: Also free shipping @Amazon with Super Saver, free shipping on orders of $25 or more. It won't be two day, but it will be free!


@nuggy: The $34 Newegg deal which you are refering to was in fact posted on here on Tuesday. However, it sold out quickly and the person expired it (which removed it from the listings). I remember because I commented on it. Here is the link:

I just got the game today by the way, and it is by far a great game. It is a hybrid between Halo (in terms of game play, weapons, and maps) and COD (in terms of having classes, unlocking guns, etc.). A great balance. I have only done the Infinity (multi-player) so far though.