deals3 medium pizzas to go @ cici's pizza for $9.99


Anyone know how big their medium is? The ones in store on the bar are not that big and I hope they are not the larges.


You can get medium or large via take-out. The nutrition info on their site lists 12" and 15" pizzas, so I would guess that the medium is the 12". Small, but not bad for $3.33.


Everyone sticks up for Cici's because it's super cheap, the dessert pizza is good and they'll make you any pizza you want. Even macaroni and cheese pizza. I leave stuffed and with money in my wallet. Always a good thing.

But let's be realistic. It really is some of the worst pizza out there. ANY of the major chain pizza joints are better. Even the $1 Totinos Party Pizzas taste better IMO. Don't downvote someone for speaking the truth, even if you happen to like it like I do.


Jeno's for $1.10 is the bomb-diggity of cheap frozen pizza.

I have a Ci-Ci's 2 miles from my house that I've never tried. I will now. Thanks for the deal!


10 bucks for the runs.... I AM IN!


My local grocery store has their frozen pizzas that are not horrible and they go on sale for $2.50 all the time, sometimes it drops to $2. I would rate them under cici's pizza so I guess I can't expect much from $3.33 pizza.


I suppose I'm in the minority, but I actually legitimately like CiCi's pizza. True, for carry-out I would probably pick another chain over them--but CiCi's buffet for lunch is pure magic. This would be a great deal for a kid's birthday party, especially if you got three macaroni and cheese pizzas!*

*YOU BETTER BELIEVE I LOVE THE MACARONI AND CHEESE PIZZAS, TOO. I have the palette sophistication of a five-year-old.


Read the fine print on this one.

The bad news is that this deal isn't for 3 WHOLE pizzas. It's for 3 "whole pizza equivalents."

It's for all the cold, dried up leftover slices the mongrel hordes leave after they come through for the $3.50 all you can eat lunch special.


@firebirdude: Completely disagree... beats places like Pizza Inn, Pizza Hut, Dominos, etc definitely better than Tortinos.

Granted- I'd rather Mellow Mushroom, Precinct, Papa John's, and many others- but they also cost much more.

It is far from "GOOD" pizza- but there are lots of places that are worse. For the price CiCis is definitely worth it.


Kirkland signature ftw. I wish we had Cici's within 800 miles of me. I'd get soooo fat with this deal.


I liked this place because it is a buffet. Take-out though?!?! Still cheap, but if it's not all you can eat I'm going think about quality a little more