dealslimited edition - star wars t-shirts for $4.99


The r2d2 Hoodie itself is $129.50, (i guess even after the $50?)
i couldn't find any star wars shirts for $4.99


Awesome deal.

FYI, the pepperjam be jammin' the link above. Use this direct link (copy & paste do not click) -

50% off list prices is applied in cart, then use promo code "oneoff" listed above for ANOTHER 50% off. Free shipping with shoprunner.

I paid $6.41 for this one:


24.50 for the Storm trooper Hoodie myself. May try and see if i can do another order for a birthday gift..


don't miss the vader hobnailed stones T. it's in clearance and not in the SW sale. Apply "oneoff" and it's $6.49. Large only. cut and paste this link:


Missed it! R2D2 hoodie out of stock, just stormtrooper hoodie and not in kid sizes :(


pretty cool if you wear a small


Debating the Stormtrooper hoody and jacket... About $75 total.


Ordered both, but the jacket was only available in small. ShopRunner will send it back if it doesn't fit.

The numbers on the site are strange, though. The items seem to be on sale already, then 50% off the list price. The hoodie is $98, and reduced to $73-something as 50% off.


Links apparently don't work when clicked directly. Have to copy and paste the one above.

Some of them are out of a lot of sizes at the moment too...


@90mcg112: The link above may be pepperjam, but your link is pjtra ... tracking link system any way your slice it.