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Problem is that 60% off at Williams Sonoma just brings the price down to what you can probably get it for everywhere else.


The prices listed aren't 60% off, and in the cart they don't take 60% off.
Is there a coupon code?


60% applies to Wusthof Gourmet. Gourmet is one product line - 60% does not apply to Classic or Ikon lines, which are discounted less


@joshuads: What Josh said - gourmet line only. Stamped blades = yick.


I want the Wusthof Grand Prix line, which is not discounted anywhere near as much.


I agree that this is a decent deal but not a great one. I have a collection of Wusthof knives that I've mostly bought from They had a Wusthof Gourmet sale a few days ago. I checked their prices against Williams-Sonama and they're basically the same. Bread knife is $10 cheaper on WS. 3 inch paring knife is the same.

One possible advantage to buying at WS is the $25 gift card for $250 purchase. That could make it worthwhile to some but I don't bother with the Gourmet series. If you want to buy a nice knife then spend a little extra for the Classic.


Wusthof is an amazing company, the blades are simply superb. Unless, you're talking about the Gourmet line, which is what's on sale here. These blades are stamped, not forged. It's worth the money for the quality. Get the forged knives, they'll last you, your children, and your children's children a lifetime if you take care of them.


I agree with most that this is hardly a deal.

Even with this so-called 60% off, W-S is still more expensive.

Example, the Wusthof Gourmet 10-Piece Knife Block Set, with the "discount" at W-S, is $179.95. On Amazon, it's only $159.95 with Prime free shipping.

I'd stick with Amazon...


Here's a pro-tip for anyone buying from Williams-Sonoma... they typically offer things like their knives "on sale", but if you look closely, more often than not the discount only applied to the Suggest Retail Price. No one would ever pay MSRP, but when you see the higher cost it makes the Williams-Sonoma price look better.

Source: I've worked at WS for quite a long time.