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Pretty sure this is a duplicate post from a deal that was up a few weeks back..
@belyndag, looks like you actually posted the first one too heh..


I was just going through this and it took me a bit but apparently a 'Linehead nut setter' is the same thing as what is commonly called a gamebit in the community. That bit type is used for opening a lot of different carts and consoles (SNES, N64, PC Engine Duo, etc), but this one does not look like it would work for those that are deeply recessed like in the Nomad and Virtual Boy.


Did they say it's constructed with Valyrian steel? In for 3.


Just as a warning: a few years ago, I purchased a kit that looks 100% exactly like this one (except the brand name). I discovered the bits are made of very low-quality metal. Most of the bits rounded off, bent, or simply broke.

If you get one, it's for very light work only. The Torx security bits and the tri-wing bit especially.


@drchops: Yes, but I had expired that one. It was off of their site for a while and just came back.


This kit is $20 w/ shipping. You can buy it from Amazon Prime (same brand, IIT) for the same price.


@thechanel: I always post deals assuming that not everyone has Prime. Frankly, until they include shipping for Woot in the deal, I'm not getting it.

In any case, this site always seems to offer that if you buy their featured item, you get free shipping for anything else you buy on that same order. I think I noted that in the post.