dealsthe ten commandments - blu-ray for $9.99 + free…


I've only tuned away from this when it was too boring to watch on network television. Now I can watch something better instead any time I want! Thank you, Best Buy!


I have this blu-ray, and I don't recommend it. the movie is obviously very old, and was never meant to be Hi-def. this it really does look like a crappy up-conversion. I find the loss of some of that old grain and those analog glitches that are usually found on the vhs/dvd really detract from the feel of the movie.


"So let it be let it be done."


Ah, Blu-Ray... the way God intended us to view his message.


@basm4: I concur with your thoughts on this. I've never watched the blu-ray version, but it almost seems wrong to try to "clean it up"... like those people who prefer to listen to old scratchy vinyl records instead of cd's or mp3's.


Seems other differ in opinions since now sold out:

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