dealsstar projector light - project on the walls and…


PLEASE. before tattling it dead. Go to TAB 1 currently (subject to change). The link may take you to another tab.


Amazon says it sucks and not worth it, it is more of a nightlight then a projector.


This is the same 'quality' product you get from Meritline. I own this, it's cheesey, but I love it. It isn't as great as they say it is and is better off used with an AC adapter than with batteries. All the reviews I read for it say it drains batteries pretty quickly.


I've got one also real stars..I don't think so..but I also love it anyway. Adapter is a must the batteries will not last one night. Adapter about $12. with shipping, got mine at part number 120-150 I think.


Sounds like a piece of crap but for $5 I bought one anyway.