dealsmega chill yard play large inflatable cooler…


this is totally the kind of thing we'd keep in the closet until we need one, but i'd love to know more about this company (i'm sheltered - are they awesome?!) and how much shipping might be before i jump. I'm feelin' lazy/awesome and don't want to go through the hassle of clicking through (okay, REALLY lazy/awesome) to find out shipping. why not just list it here since it's a frakkin sponsored item?


About $3 per unit for shipping


No insulating properties? Must be a pass... On a hot summer day, the ice would melt too quickly, and leave just a bowl of semi-cold water...


Looks like it would be just about right for chilling a Cornelius keg of homebrew.


@smtatertot13: As stated by scubajoe, shipping is 3 dollars. As for the website, I purchased a laptop sleeve from them and it got here in a timely fashion (with a coupon for my next purchase!) No problems.


@smtatertot13: I've only dealt with them a couple times, but nothing bad to say about them.


@ricka182: Insulating properties? You can't get much more insulating than a cushion of air around the ice... welcome to the wonderful world of "heat-transfer"


@icemanii: It's still a cushion of hot air...This isn't exactly a new product. Maybe with better quality material, but not with cheap stuff like is made of...