deals3-month subscription to amazon prime for moms and…


I upvoted this but be warned when you sign up for this give an email you don't mind being spammed. When I tried to turn off the emails and notifications for it, it told me that I would be unsubscribing to the mom/caregivers free prime account.


As a former "Amazon Mom" member, this is a great deal overall...and yes, dads are eligible too. Saved a ton on diapers and other supplies (combined with "Subscribe and Save") and the purchase of certain baby-related items extended my subscription to one full year. Not sure if the rules are the same, but just buying a crib through Amazon got me another 4-5 months of free Prime shipping.


If you or anyone in your household have used any trial of any Amazon* (Prime) account in the past 13 months, you are ineligible.


This is always, so not really a deal.


@gadgetgirl88: It's not always available. 1 month trial memberships are always available.


Looks like you don't get the free Amazon Prime videos with this offer, just the one month type.