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Bought one a year ago for $60, and it's the best keyboard I've ever owned. It's deceptively thin and has stayed really clean for a year's worth of use.


Like, sarge, I have this keyboard, but only for about 6 months. Hands down best keyboard I've had. I've had to get used to the low-profile layout, but if you're somewhat familiar with the tactile feel of a laptop keyboard, you should have no problem adapting.

The fact that it's wireless is great. The fact that it's rechargeable is even better. The fact that it's green because you don't have to plug it in to recharge it - takes sunlight, incandescent, WHATEVER LIGHT SOURCE YOU'VE GOT - is the best reason to have it. It's freakin' futuristic, man!


I also own this and it is absolutely fantastic. Tempted to pick this up for work.