dealsacer g205hvbd 20" widescreen lcd monitor for $89…


I bought this same monitor from newegg 2 years ago for almost the same price, and I love the heck out of it. It died on me about 9 months in but Acer's customer service was really easy to deal with, all I had to do was ship it out to them and a little less than two weeks later it was back to enabling my gaming addiction.

Really the only possible complaints I have are that it doesn't have an HDMI port and aside from the power button all the other buttons are unlabeled and difficult to even find without turning it upside down.


I've always liked Acer monitors, but to me this should be a common price for a 20" monitor without LED backlighting or HDMI these days... Perhaps I'm expecting too much?


@superllama7: I think you are. You can always buy a DVI->HDMI dongle.


@snoopjedi: true... I have the adapter lying around, personally. But if someone would have to buy a adapter for a couple of $, and pay for slightly more electricity over the course of a couple of years, I guess I feel like it should be beat all the "modern" monitors by $20 or so. However, when you get under $100 for a good quality new monitor, you're in pretty good shape.

(edited to change converter to adapter)